R2 Digital Solutions


Our emphasis at Rickard has always been on data driven direct marketing solutions for our clients. To that end, we continue to vet digital customer acquisition and data optimization and monetization strategies that are data-centric and make sense for the changing needs of our clients as they navigate a direct marketing landscape in transition. In addition to identifying these opportunities, we spearhead the planning, execution and back end analytics. Among other things, our suite of digital products and solutions includes:

1. Email Marketing: Acquisition, Data Scoring, Audience Targeting, Email Verification, Append, Match & Deploy and Asynchronous Delivery. Click here for details.

2. Display: Site Retargeting, Cooperative Prospecting, Direct Ad Buy, Search Retargeting, CRM Retargeting and Newsletter Display. Click here for details.

3. Digital Lead Generation: Permission based online lead gen. Click here for details.

4. Social Media Marketing: Social media retargeting, Facebook custom audience solutions, “Social Ripple.” Click here for details.

Contact us or email cpelczar@rickard2.com for more information.