1. Site Retargeting – We look to segment site users for retargeting campaigns based on products viewed, cart abandon behavior, and level of site engagement. Inventory sources include: Facebook, Google, Yahoo, AOL, Twitter & 60+ others. Also, we have a tag management tool that is free of cost and will help collect reliable data from website and domains. This will allow us to segment based on buyer intent. Also it will help make sense of their data for knowledge based decisions and better campaign execution. Once we analyze the data, we’ll create a low risk, low budget test recommendation tied to ROI.
  2. Cooperative Display Prospecting With opt-in database participation, we have the ability to tap into a 2B+ cookie pool to leverage intent data across relevant verticals. It’s an anonymous cooperative base that will allow you to identify complementary buyers. We’ll identify overlap and develop a highly qualified prospect pool that includes an algorithm and programmatic buying.
  3. Direct Ad Buy – Target 3rd party online audiences with demographic behavioral and geographic 3rd party data audience pools.
  4. Search Retargeting – Target prospects based on active key word searches across all search engines.
  5. CRM Retargeting – Match your proprietary 1st party data to cookie pools and speak to your own customers in a new channel. Effective as a 2nd or 3rd touch timed with postal and email
  6. Newsletter Display – Buy Targeted audiences across thousands of email newsletters. The display network targets available inventory at the moment an email is opened – so there are no wasted impressions. Targeted ads served by geography, time of day, demographics and more.