1. Email Acquisition Marketing, Data Scoring & Audience Targeting – We have been successful accessing targeted third party email for lead generation. In addition we would like to utilize an email modeling and scoring solution which will target consumers who are positively engaged in the online marketplace with the highest propensity to respond. Recency of online activity is a major driver in the scoring. Combined with email verification (which disposes negative propensities), we can target positive responders that will in turn result in increased inbox delivery rates, improved IP mailing reputation, and improved campaign response.
  2. Email VerificationOur email hygiene & verification tool for confirming the validity, deliverability, and risk profile of email addresses is available in real time or batch on a single and secure platform. This verification solution has been tested by independent third parties and is effective in pinpointing non-deliverable email addresses across all top-line domains. A clear hygiene & verification disposition code report is provided for all emails processed, to identify records deemed too risky for mailing (i.e. high complaints, chronic unsubscribes, traps, etc.)
  3. Email AppendEnhance existing records with multichannel data points including verified emails, postal address, phones, demographics, transactional behaviors and online behaviors. Add valid deliverable emails to postal records or add deliverable postal addresses to emails with reverse appends. Our email append solution delivers insights for consumer profiling, targeting analytics and campaign relevancy.
  4. Asynchronous Email DeliverySafely reactivate prospects that you have retired from your email program. Identify 7-10% of inactive customers with “right time” delivery. Target desktop and tablet users for increased conversion. Free 30 day trial available, volume should be significant.