Strategic Approach

Our Strategic Approach

To create the Right List, we provide detailed recommendations and analysis, innovative long-range planning and attentive service. Our professionals anticipate your needs and are available for special projects on an expedited basis.

Unlike many other brokers, we work with our clients on ALL phases of the list process. For example, we:

  • Prepare comprehensive custom recommendations and mail plans (including data cards, continuation usage, list histories and sample mailing pieces).
  • Recommend new test ideas based on list history and continuation usage by similar mailers.
  • Maintain current custom universe counts that take the guesswork out of mail plans.
  • Post exchanges and reconcile and report current list exchange balances.
  • Provide diligent and creative in-depth research that create new list opportunities.
  • Suggest the proper timing of mailings and identify opportunities for creative package, list and seasonality testing.
  • Place clearances and list orders list well in advance of merge purge dates to reserve preferred lists and deliver responsive lists on time and in the correct quantity.
  • Confirm, track and follow-up orders through the mail date.
  • Propose and coordinate sophisticated analytical techniques such as overlays, modeling and regression analysis.
  • Draft and implement merge/purge instructions including list priority, suppression files, source codes, list codes, splits and multi-buyer requests.
  • Oversee the merge/purge process generally and coordinate with other direct mail service providers (service bureau and letter shop).
  • Minimize list costs for mailers by reviewing and analyzing computer house merge/purge reports for the purpose of calculating all allowable deductions from vendor invoices before billing.
  • Reduce list costs by negotiating special reduced list pricing, including volume discounts, re-use pricing, exchanges, net-name arrangements, free tests, fee waivers and third-party billing.
  • Aggregate orders and allocate expenses for consortiums of regional or special interest mailers.
  • Track delivery and receipt of mail pieces through decoy and seed names system
  • Analyze and report direct mail results, including the preparation of a list history database for future analysis including gross quantity shipped, net names out, splits by key code, list categorizing for analytical purposes, returns, average gift, response indices by mailing, etc.
  • Meet periodically to discuss direct mail plans and list strategies.

Take the Challenge – Request a List

We are so sure we can identify and reach your target market through postal mail, email, insert media or otherwise, we invite you to take us up on the challenge – for no cost, and no obligation. If you are interested, please Contact Us.