Database Services

Database Services

At Rickard2 we have a complete suite of computer service bureau services available for you, including:

List Rental Fulfillment. We work with proprietary software that is one of the first on-line, live count list rental fulfillment systems available.

Data Processing. we can provide on-time, personalized and error-free data processing services. You can look to us for help with respect to:

  • List Conversion – Attention to detail and strict quality control ensure error-free conversions every time.
  • List Hygiene – List hygiene processes allow our clients to reduce undeliverable mail, improve merge/purge accuracy, increase response rates, reduce postage costs and increase the speed of delivery of their mail.
  • Industry Suppressions – Additional suppression files such as the DMA Pander, Prison, Deceased and Education files assist our clients in not mailing to those who do not want mail promotions or who would be deemed unprofitable prospects.
  • Merge/Purge – Merge/Purge is an art, not a commodity. Proven technology and expertise maximizes what matching software can accomplish.
  • Selection & Segmentation – We are able to select and segment lists based upon any client requirement.
  • Postal Discount Processing – We are consistently able to maximize postal discounts for our clients.
  • Customized Outputs – We can customize our client’s data in nearly any format they desire.

Marketing Database Design – We can design databases that track, maintain, select and report on all marketing activity. You will be able to see the relationships between demographics and response behavior, generate higher response rates, identify target opportunities, select lists and drive results that impact your bottom line.

Database Development – Databases are developed in a flexible, server-based relational structure, which offers almost unlimited storage capability and allows easy data access and reporting capabilities.

Database Maintenance – We can work with you to manage the day-to-day activities and pay close attention to your program’s evolution. This includes keeping an eye towards any future requirements or enhancements to the data structure or database functionality.

Decision Support Tools – Our analytical services can assist in increasing response rates, retention rates and return on investment. Profiling and modeling are just a couple of the services we can assist you with.